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About DESALT Ion Exchange Technologies: Leading Electrodialysis Solutions

DESALT is a premier brand under YASA ET, specializing in advanced ion exchange technologies including Electrodialysis (ED), Bipolar Electrodialysis (BPED), and Diffusion Dialysis (DD). These technologies are essential for applications in water treatment, desalination, chemical concentration, recovery, and production.

Comprehensive Ion Exchange Technologies

  • Electrodialysis (ED): Efficiently removes ions from water using electrical potential, ideal for desalination and water purification.

  • Bipolar Electrodialysis (BPED): Utilizes bipolar membranes for the selective separation of ions, perfect for chemical production and waste treatment.

  • Diffusion Dialysis (DD): Facilitates the separation of acids and bases from salts, enhancing chemical recovery processes.


  • Water Treatment: Advanced ion exchange systems for producing clean, safe drinking water.

  • Desalination: Effective removal of salts from seawater and brackish water, providing fresh water solutions.

  • Chemical Concentration and Recovery: Recovers valuable chemicals from waste streams, improving efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

  • Chemical Production: Enhances the production processes by providing high-purity chemicals through effective ion separation.

Why Choose DESALT?

  • High-Quality Components: DESALT brand designs, manufactures, and services top-tier electrodialysis and bipolar electrodialysis systems, membrane stacks, and lab test cells.

  • Best Price-Quality Ratio: Offering competitive pricing without compromising on quality is the key to our success.

  • Fastest Lead Time: Industry-leading turnaround times to meet your project deadlines.

Let’s Work Together

For more information on DESALT's cutting-edge ion exchange technologies and how they can benefit your electrodialysis and bipolar electrodialysis systems, contact our expert team today.

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